Trucking 365

Trucking365 is a collection of stories of life on the road, a "Day in the Life of" random truck drivers. A different driver will be featured each day for 365 consecutive days and tell their story in 365 characters.

The intent is to give some insight into life on road for all different types of truck drivers, from the long haul, to the home every night, from the bull haulers to refer units, from the new company driver fresh out of driving school, to the seasoned owner/operator, and everything in between.

Look for the first entries to be revealed during the Great American Truck Show in Dallas, in August 2017. Daily entries will begin being featured after the truck show.

If you are a truck driver, or part of the trucking industry and would like to be a part of this special project please contact me.


Or you can message me through Facebook: ( /[Trucking365]3 or [/SierraSugar]4 ) or on Twitter @SierraSugar

Featured photography taken by and used with the permisson of Shannon Royce. Project partner: Jim Allen of 365 Trucking