A Simple Seared Lamb Roast

You know, I had never tried lamb until one day when we were in Costco. Why Costco? Well, they have all those people handing out samples, and one of them was of lamb roast. To say it was divine would be an understatement! It has a unique rich flavor all its own that even now makes my mouth water to think about it. That's why I will again be fixing lamb (in the form of chops) tonight for dinner.

To bring out the best flavor in the lamb I found it best to prepare it simple as possible. In this case I use only a bit of Pink Himalayan Salt on both sides, then sear in a bit of olive oil, and like beef, you can top with a good pat of real butter!

If you've never tried heirloom tomatoes, don't let the strange colors put you off. The vibrant colorful heirlooms are just as full on flavor as they are on color. Here I took a few of them, sliced thick, seasoned with PHS, oregano, and rosemary, then seared the slices on each side.

Golden potatoes used to make lumpy mashed potatoes in the aroma rounds out this simple yet delicious meal. Don't have milk for mashed potatoes? Thats ok. Just use some butter and a good helping of mayonaise. These will be super delicious potatoes; good and rich, southern mashed potatoes!

Lamb roast with simple seasoning to bring out the best flavor.

Trust me when I say, lamb is one of those meats that you must try! Cook it simply. Don't over season it. Simple sides enhance the rich flavor of this wonderful meat. It sounds rich and fancy to some, but its super easy to cook up in the truck, on a grill, or anywhere. Go ahead, give your tastebuds something to dance about!

~Sierra Sugar