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The Bigger Picture

I watched a video the other day of BHO giving a speech at Cambridge university back in 1995.  I watched the full video, listening to him read narrative from his autobiography and explain to the crowd the words he himself had written about his life. About him growing up with a white mother and black father, his experiences, his influences.  And ultimately what his presentation closed on was him identifying with something his mentor, a writer, a black man, said to him.  That was that no matter how nice a white man was, there were no good white men in the world.  Here he was with his white grand parents raising him at that time, loving him as only grandparents can.  And says he realized he was completely alone.  At that moment he had turned his back on all white people.  It was chilling, and all I could think was "What wolf a in sheep's clothing"!

This man from that time has had an agenda to divide the country.  Any thing and everything to get people to focus on race, hate, prejudice, anything to promote discord.  There are white northern liberals who speak of genocide of the "southern people" to purify America to make it a great nation again.  This is the new world order that is coming.  This is the "bigger picture" that you have to look beyond.  Stop focusing on flags, and race, and slavery that ended 150 years ago.  Don't forget it!  For the love of God never forget!! But let the hate go.  Cause that hate that is swirling in this country like a cesspool is what is going to destroy this country in rapid order.  

~Sierra Sugar