12 Days of Christmas – Gift Ideas for the Trucker in Your Life

Day 2

You know that saying, “The best laid plans of mice of men...” That was me yesterday. My Day 2 post should have been up yesterday according to plans. But life had other ideas with too much to do and not enough hours to do it all. What can I say, the most wonderful time of the year is often the most busy time of the year. To make up for my Murphy's Law day yesterday, today you will get two posts full of Christmas goodies!

Today's first post, Day 2 of gift ideas, is all about personal safety. Whether you are looking for gift ideas for the trucker in your life, or you are the trucker looking for something for the loved one in your life, today's gifts work either way.

First up is one of my favorite personal safety items, a dual-purpose “flashlight” by ViperTek.

ViperTek Flashlight and Taser in Pink

ViperTek Flashlight and Taser in Pink

At first glace it looks like a small, aluminum flashlight. Oh but it is so much more. This little baby packs a big punch in the form of 230,000,000volts of electrical stun power. This is a military-grade stun gun that has a non-removable rechargeable battery. The LED flashlight itself produces a bright 350 lumens. The thumb switch has 3 settings, off, flashlight, and taser. To activate the taser you push the switch to the far forward position then press the safety button with your finger on the underside. The safety button prevents accidental shock. This is a contact taser, for up-close personal safety. I never walked around a truck stop or rest area with out it, especially at night. At $20, this is a steal for anyone, man or woman, looking for easy, practical personal safety to carry on their person, in their truck, purse, or glove box of their car. It comes in a variety of colors, including black, pink, and red.

Vipertek in Black with charging cord and carrying case.

Vipertek in Black with charging cord and carrying case.

Second is a different form of protection and safety, and also comes in the form of a functional and practical flashlight. The Tough Tested Jolt comes with built-in flashlight with multiple settings to include low, bright, strobe, and S.O.S. It also come with a set of jumper cables. Wait! What? Yep, jumper cables.


This rechargeable flashlight doubles as a jumpstarter for your vehicle. This unique jumpstarter has a 1000 lumen flashlight with cree bulb. It will jumpstart any 12volt vehicle including passenger cars, motorcycles, boats, or jet skis up to 3.5L V6! Yes it really does work! I know from personal experience from having to jumpstart my car's dead battery this past summer.

Tough Tested Jolt in action this summer.

Tough Tested Jolt in action this summer.

But wait! There's more!

Too much? But I'm serious, there is more. Along with it's Flashlight functions, and jumpstarter capability it also comes with a 5200mAh built in battery that effectively charges a standard smartphone 3 times over. So you get a flashlight, strobe light, SOS light, jumpstarter and jumper cables, AND a phone charger all in one, AND it recharges via USB cord all wrapped up in a handy, durable travel case. The Jolt may be small, but you know what they say, “Dynamite comes in small packages.” And this is one powerful little piece of practical safety equipment every vehicle should carry. And it is on sale now for the Holidays.

Tough Tested Jolt jumpstarted and carrying case

Also, be sure to follow Tough Tested on Facebook and Twitter, as well as any of their brand ambassadors. Tough Tested is a customer first company. They stand by their products. Should you ever have any problems with any of their products, they provide refunds no questions asked. Their brand ambassadors also do frequent give-aways throughout the year.

Have you used either of these products? What personal safety items do you carry with you out on the road? What personal safety tips do you recommend for the new driver?

Stay tuned for Day 3 gift ideas coming soon! Missed the First day of Christmas gift ideas? No problem, you can find Day 1 here.

~Sierra Sugar