> PupsInTrucks.com, a new pet transport company, uses professional truck drivers to transport pets across country. **> A NEW PET TRANSPORT COMPANY TO IS HERE



April 8, 2018 - The Mid America Truck Show In Louisville, Kentucky (03/22/2018) launched the offical opening of " PupsInTrucks.com." PupsInTrucks.com is a new pet transport company that utilizes Professional Truck Drivers who travel on Deicated and Regular Routes to transport pets across the country. Our carefully selected Professional Truck Drivers provide 24/7, safe, loving hands on care for each pet they transport. Each Pet is transported within the cab with the driver, with free access to food, water, and comfortable resting options. Every Pet is kept in a padded, reinforced harness and is excersized regularly on a weight-appropriate non-retractable leash to enforce its safety while being transported. Various furry pets will be transported to their destination for their new home, from dogs and cats, to ferret or other furry friends with professionalism and loving care.

By utilizing professional truck drivers who travel regular dedicated routes week after week, PupsInTrucks.com is able to offer timely transport options without the use of foster homes or multiple hand offs. Along with extensive screening of our drivers, we also offer electronic GPS tracking via mobile app Life360 so each pet owner knows exactly where their pet is at all times. PupsInTrucks.com is happy to include video conferencing capability between driver and pet owner to help alleviate any transport or separation anxieties.

PupsInTrucks.com is currently taking applications for pet transport along our first dedicated route from New Jersey to California and back. Transport fees start at $500. All pets approved for transport must have a recent CVI (certificate of veterinary inspection) and updated rabies vaccinations. Owners will provide pet food in proportion servings, a reinforced well-fitting harness (no collars), and a non-retractable leash for safer walking, as well as any toys, bedding, and items to ensure pet comfort (within reason due to space limitations) during transport. PupsInTrucks will provide food and water bowls, fresh water, and 24/7 companionship and care during transport.

Our Company is currently looking for drivers on dedicated lanes who would like to sign up to transport pets. At this time PupsInTrucks.com is only accepting over-the-road drivers on dedicated lanes, or regional drivers who travel regular routes. All drivers will be paid for their time based on miles. A portion of all revenue will be dedicated to pet charities such as “Kindred Hearts” (https://www.kindredheartstransportconnection.org/)

PupsInTrucks.com is now scheduling for interviews Please contact: Sierra Sugar at sierra@pupsintrucks.com to schedule interviews.

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