Twas the Night before Christmas

A Trucker's Tale

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the place
Not a semi was idling while tucked in their space

The Chrome was all polished by truckers with care
In hopes that DOT would pass them by there.

The big trucks were nestled, all snug in their spot
Dreaming of free parking in all of the lots

The Volvos of purple and Kenworths in blues
Asleep for 10 hours per HoS rules

When over the radio there arose such a clatter
That each sleepy driver jumped to see what was the matter.

Drivers were shouting for all to look quickly
At the big truck decked out in Christmas festivity.

When what to their wondering eyes did appear
But a big house with twinkle lights in colors of red, green, and clear

christmas lights on a truck.jpg

The lights on the surface of the of the ice and the snow
Made prisms of rainbows setting the truck stop aglow.

The driver was lively, and quick on his feet
Dressed in blue jeans, a hat, and boots to complete.

His eyes how the twinkled as he smiled with glee
Waving greetings of joy to all he could see

Then a wink of his eye and a tip of his hat
He went straight to work, no time for chit chat.

He spoke not a word as he fueled up his rig
Mindful of time running out on this gig.

When he climbed to his seat, his horns gave a blow
Driving into night, the ice, and the snow.

Then I heard on the CB as he drove out of sight,
Merry Christmas to all, drive safe and good night!

Merry Christmas Lights.png

~Sierra Sugar