12 Days of Christmas – Gift Ideas for the Trucker in Your Life

Day 12

So here we are. December 23rd. Just two days until Christmas, well less than two really. The lights are hung. The trees are decorated. Presents are wrapped. I'm sure there has been much baking and cooking in preparation for the holiday. But as the song says, “it ain't over til it's over.” And that goes doubly for Christmas!

No matter how prepared you think you are for Christmas, there always seems to be one more thing that needs to be done, or one more gift that needs to be bought or made. Thankfully, in today's digital age, last minute gifts are easy to find, and I have a few on this list that will also be quite appreciated. Just because it is last minute doesn't mean it has to be thoughtless.

Gift cards were mentioned on Day 1, and they are great gift ideas for truckers. But why not make them a little more personal? Why not send a subscription service as a gift to the one you love? There are several out there that are quite beneficial for truckers and non-truckers alike.

On Day 11 I mentioned e-readers such as Kindles and Nooks. Amazon has a digital book subscription called Kindle Unlimited. At $10 per month, this subscription grants access to hundreds of thousands of ebooks. Have a voracious reader in your life? For the cost of one (or less) physical book per month you can gift them unlimited books to read from the ease and comfort of their Kindle e-reader, phone, or tablet. Also, any regular Amazon gift card can be used to purchase kindle ebooks, and any Kindle gift card can be converted to a regular Amazon gift card if the recipient does not wish to use it for ebooks or Kindle subscription.

Kindle Unlimited.jpg
Amazon Prime membership.jpg

Your trucker isn't much of a reader? No worries. Amazon Prime is a subscription service that can benefit everyone in the family. A $13 per month subscription to Amazon Prime not only grants you two-day free shipping on all Amazon purchases, but also unlimited access to Amazon Video and Music. Amazon's video subscription has thousands of TV shows, documentaries, and movies to stream right from your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. All you need is an internet connection or cell service with data. Don't need all the benefits of a Prime Membership? You can purchase just a Video subscription for about $8.25 per month.

The last Amazon subscription service is Audible. If you aren't familiar with audible it is Amazon's subscription to audio books. These are great for helping trucker's pass the time while driving, or for anyone who enjoys stories but doesn't have the time or patience for reading. The app itself is free, but the subscription pays for credits each month. Each audio book is usually one (1) credit. News and podcasts are free with the app. You can gift someone a complete Audible subscription and they will get their allotted credits each month. If your trucker already has an Audible subscription you can gift them another 1, 3, or 12 month “subscription” which will give them all the subscription credits at once. Audible gifts cannot be transferred to regular Amazon gift cards.

SiriusXM app.jpg

Radio has long been a traveler's companion. Before satellite radio drivers would scour the airwaves for local channels as they drove through. Now with Sirius XM's satellite radio, subscribers can get unlimited, uninterrupted music, talk shows, and even old-time radio shows no matter where they are in the country. With the app and subscription they can even listen right from their phone. If your driver already has Sirius XM in their truck, why not gift them a free month or two of extra channels or the phone app?


The last subscription I want to mention is a GPS app. There are any number of GPS options out there, from complete GPS units, apps, and even Google Maps. We have tested a variety of GPS options that are trucker friendly such as, Garmin, Tom Tom, Rand McNally, Trucker Path, and One20 to name a few. Of all the ones we tested, Allen keeps going back to the GPS app called “SmartTruckRoute.”

Of all the GPS options we've tried SmartTruckRoute has been the most accurate, the most customizable, and the most user friendly. It includes both regular street view and satellite view, as well as day and night settings. The app is run directly from a phone or tablet. But each subscription covers only one electronic device at a time. So you can't have it on his phone and your phone at the same time, nor on his phone and a tablet at the same time. At $1 per week, it is a relatively cheaper option for GPS. You can pay for as many or as few weeks as you like, up to a year at a time. Maps are updated automatically and there is nothing to install in the truck.

Have any other subscription services that would make wonderful gifts? Share in the comments below.

~Sierra Sugar