12 Days of Christmas – Gift Ideas for the Trucker in Your Life

Day 11

Books have long been a companion of mine. Many of you, like me, grew up with weekly trips to the public library, devouring everything you could get your hands on to read. From newspapers, to magazines, and books of all types, sizes, and genres, reading is a favorite past time for many. Truckers are no exception.

Nothing quite beats the feel and smell of a paper book you hold in your hands. The sound of turning pages brings back nostalgia of a simpler life. But in today's busy world, thick, paper-bound books aren't always the easiest thing with which to travel, especially if you are one who is a fast reader or reads multiple books at a time. Add in the fact that truckers aren't able to get their rigs into library parking lots, and even if they could they'd need a library card for places all across the country, well the logistics of reading in the truck can prove difficult and expensive.

book to kindle.jpg

E-readers are an excellent solution to these problems. I tell you, one of my best purchases of the past decade has been my Kindle e-reader. Most books are offered in e-reader format with a price comparable and often cheaper than their physical counterpart. Newspapers, magazines, and even many blogs are available to read in digital format. Digital books can be purchased individually from websites like Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. Many local libraries offer the ability to “check out” digital books right from your e-reader, phone, or tablet. And there are any number of free-to-download book sites featuring new authors of every genre imaginable. What ever your reading preferences, from drama to fantasy, how to to self help, thriller to scifi, educational to romance, there are digital books galore for you and your trucker to read.


One of the good things about digital books is you don't have to have a dedicated e-reader. There are free apps for your phone, tablet, even your computer/laptop if you prefer reading sitting up. One of the many benefits of a dedicated e-reader, however, is the lack of back lighting. Many e-readers, such as the kindle and nook, are designed to not have back lighting like cell phones and tablets have. This eases eye strain and helps reduce blue light exposure which is known to contribute to sleeping problems.

nook BA.jpg

So if your trucker loves to read, an e-reader makes a compact, useful Christmas gift (or any-time gift). They come in different sizes, functionality, and price points. Two of the most common are of course the Kindle from Amazon and the Nook from Barnes and Nobles. The Clara by Kobo is a less known e-reader. There are others out there as well. Some models offer back lighting for reading in low light situations such as the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet. However, I prefer to use a clip on reading light made specifically for low blue light emissions.

Kobo Clara.jpg

Dedicated e-readers are typically lighter and smaller than many phones and tablets, which makes them perfect for storing in a purse, pocket, or backpack. They take up very little space and have a much longer battery life than phones or tablets. Some even offer wireless functionality allowing you to download new books without connecting to a hotspot.

Do you have an e-reader? When did you get yours? What is your favorite thing about e-readers and/or digital books? Share in the comments below.

~Sierra Sugar