12 Days of Christmas – Gift Ideas for the Trucker in Your Life

Day 8

The past week of gift ideas have been mostly about safety. Today however, is all about entertainment. While truckers have little room in their cab or sleeper for extra items, they still need some things for enjoyment. Those mandatory 10 hour and 34 hour breaks can get long with nothing to help pass the time.

If your trucker has a TV in their truck for watching DVDs then you can add to their watching ability by giving him or here an HD TV Antenna. These are flat antenna's about the size of a place mat that you'd use when setting a table that allows your trucker to watch local TV networks for news, weather, movies, and TV shows. Even though so many homes have moved to cable, satellite, or internet TV, networks by law networks still put out over the air signal to be picked up by antenna. Some areas have more or stronger signals than others.

HD TV Antenna

HD antenna's come as either amplified or non-amplified. Amplified means the antenna has a power source to boost the incoming signals. These take a bit more to install. The non-amplified simply plugs into the TV only. We've used both and have found in most situations the amplified brings in more local channels. You can find these antenna at truck stops, big box stores, an many online shopping sites.

What makes a great addition to a TV? A speaker! At one point we had an HD soundbar in our truck. TV sound is normally fine on it's own. But when trying to listen over an idling truck or generator, truck stop noise, etc... having a dedicated sound source is a bonus.

Tough Tested Bluetooth Speaker and Power Bank

Then we got the Tough Tested Rugged Bluetooth Speaker. You've heard the saying “Dynamite comes in small packages?” Well this little guy is all dynamite! I've used ours for everything from watching action movies and musicals on the TV to streaming Pandora from my phone. It provides clear rich sound where the lows are full and the highs ring true. Don't let it's diminutive size fool you. Even though it is only approximately 8”L x 3”H x 1 ½” W, it put out better, fuller sound than our expensive Panasonic sound bar!

Like all Tough Tested products it is made to be durable. Allen even ran over ours with the semi truck and it didn't even get a scratch! The speaker also has a 4,000mAh battery bank that can charge two phones at the same the same time. Don't worry if your TV isn't Bluetooth compatible. There is a 3mm audio port allowing you to plug directly into the TV, laptop, phone, or radio.

Rugged Bluetooth speaker by Tough Tested

Now that your trucker has an excellent sound source he or she needs music to listen to. Of course everyone has different music tastes, but if you enjoy country and old school trucking music a few artists you should check out are Bill Weaver, Tony Justice, Taylor Barker, Jake Brake Junkey from Chicago, and Paul Marhoefer. Every one of these published artists are also working truck drivers.

What types of electronics do you have in your truck already? What type of music does your trucker enjoy? Know any other truck drivers with musical or other artistic talent? Share in the comments below.

~Sierra Sugar