12 Days of Christmas – Gift Ideas for the Trucker in Your Life

Day 7

When your trucker is out on the road, those daily calls and text messages are a lifeline. Gone are the days of having to wait for your trucker to reach a pay phone, and actually having coins on hand to pay for that long-distance call. Cell phone technology let's us be instantly connected anytime we want. Most people use their phones more than they do a personal computer and house phone combined. We do everything on our cell phones from communication to shopping, games to business management.

Cell phone use is typically limited by three things: signal strength, usage restrictions, and battery power.

The first two are determined by your carrier. The last one, battery power, is determined by your phone. Some of you perhaps have a phone with good battery life. The rest of us are over here screaming “I'm dying!” No, don't call an ambulance, just point me in the direction of a phone charger. When your loved one is out on the road or away from home for any reason (camping, hunting, fishing, business, vacation, etc...) the last thing either of you need to worry about is your phone dying and not being able to make a call in an emergency.

Tough Tested has the perfect solution. Well, multiple perfect solutions to be exact. Here are just two of their many items that would make a great Christmas or anytime gift to your trucker.

Headset, cords, and battery bank all by Tough Tested.

Headset, cords, and battery bank all by Tough Tested.

The first item on our gift list today is the Tough Tested Bigfoot. No they don't have a screaming wookie for sale, but wouldn't that be cool?! The Bigfoot is a durable 24,000mAh solar powered battery bank. That's up to 10 recharges for the average smartphone. Its USB-C technology can charge your phone up to 10x's faster than other battery banks. A fully charged Bigfoot holds about 60 HOURS of talk time and over 50 hours of web browsing. And yes, you can charge and use your phone at the same time with any of the Tough Tested battery banks. It is even powerful enough to recharge your tablet and laptop.

The 24,000mAh solar powered battery bank by Tough Tested.

The 24,000mAh solar powered battery bank by Tough Tested.

The Bigfoot's solar panels are rugged to withstand the abuse of your trucker. We've dropped ours onto concrete, asphalt, from the truck, stepped on it, tripped on it, kicked it against the wall, you name it. Our dog even tried chewing on it. It still works! Like all Tough Tested products, it is built to withstand harsh the treatment equipment often receives in hazardous environments. Another great thing about all Tough Tested solar powered devices is they charge from both sunlight and indoor ambient light.

Another of Allen's favorite items is their “pancake” flashlight. The 18 panels of LED lights on this flashlight/power bank are super bright making it great when he is trying to work on or see under/around the truck at night. It comes with two arms that wrap around the flashlight when not in use, but can be opened up to hang the flashlight for hands-free working. This flashlight, as with most Tough Tested devices, also includes a 6,000mAh battery bank that can charge 2 devices at once. At full charge, the battery bank can fully recharge one device up to three times.

All Tough Tested power banks come with a built-in flashlight that has multiple settings to include strobe and SOS. All power banks are TSA compliant. Each are designed with built-in safety circuitry including overheat protection, pressure relief ventilation as well as protection from power surges, short circuits, overcharging and overcurrent. Their power banks are also weather/dust proof. I dropped mine in a bowl of yogurt, don't ask, and it still worked. Wet hands, coffee spills, water and mud puddles are of no concern with Tough Tested products. You can even run over most of them and they keep right on working.

I know you've seen me talk about Tough Tested products before. And I am pretty sure I will again in the future. It is only because Tough Tested is one of those companies with products that actually do what they are built to do. The company stands behind each and every product. If you ever have a problem with any item, contact them for a quick replacement. They truly do love customer feedback and want to hear what you like about each item, what you don't like, and suggestions for improvement.

This is the Tough Tested battery bank that we ran over with a semi truck… twice! And yes, it still works. Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/-v0bN-zf6qc

This is the Tough Tested battery bank that we ran over with a semi truck… twice! And yes, it still works. Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/-v0bN-zf6qc

You can purchase Tough Tested products from truck stops, online stores like Amazon, and directly from the Tough Tested website. If you are looking for gifts for your trucker, or anyone who needs to stay connected, these Tough Tested power banks and flashlights are the way to go. Trust me, they will thank you for them and mean it!

~Sierra Sugar