12 Days of Christmas – Gift Ideas for the Trucker in Your Life

Day 5

One thing about the holidays that all of us have in common is food. Yep, delicious, yummy, home-cooked food. Along with smells of cinnamon, mistletoe, and eggnog, there are scents of slow roasted turkey, or perhaps that old-world recipe of lasagna in the oven. These are the things your trucker misses when out on the road. Not just the holiday foods, but home-cooked meals in general.

With today's technology it is easier than ever to cook in the truck. No more roast wrapped in tinfoil, tied to the engine and cooking for 120 miles at 65mph. If you are new to the trucking industry, yes, old-timers really did cook like that. Necessity is the mother of invention. There weren't multiple truck stops at every town, or big box stores with easy truck access. Truckers had to figure out ways to feed themselves when there either weren't any places to stop or they didn't have the money to eat out.

Across the country today there are any number of truck stops, travel centers, and roadside places a trucker can stop to eat. But like yesteryear, the cost for multiple daily meals out on the road can be exorbitant, perhaps even more so today than a few decades ago. Why not give the gift of home cooking to your trucker instead?

The RoadPro 12v portable oven allows your trucker to easily cook in their truck. They don't even need a power inverter or a 110 plug.

RaodPro’s 12-volt Portable Oven get’s its “lunchbox oven” nickname due to it’s old-time lunchbox look.

RaodPro’s 12-volt Portable Oven get’s its “lunchbox oven” nickname due to it’s old-time lunchbox look.

The “lunchbox oven,” as it is commonly referred to because of its old-time lunchbox look, plugs into any 12v “cigarette” lighter type port. It can be used for anything from warming water for shaving on a cold day to boiling water for hot coffee. It cooks meats and veggies deliciously as any regular oven.

Of all the various cooking appliances that can be used in a big truck, the lunchbox oven is easily my favorite. I've made everything from muffins and baked bread, lasagna, crispy baked chicken, spaghetti squash spaghetti, and baked avocados and eggs for just a few examples.

I even used it to slow roast our Christmas Spanish pork dinner.

video tutorial of Lechon in the truck here: 
Spanish Pork, Lechon, hot out of the RoadPro 12-volt portable oven covered in juices.

Spanish Pork, Lechon, hot out of the RoadPro 12-volt portable oven covered in juices.

Even if your trucker isn't a big cooker, the lunchbox oven can be used to reheat frozen meals packed from home (stored in a cooler or freezer) or even heat up soup from the can. It has tremendous versatility and functionality.

Another cooking option for your trucker is a small grill, either gas or charcoal. Throw in a grilling set and a small spice kit, and he or she is set for delicious hot meals any time they are parked. A small frying pan or sauce pan can be placed on the grill to cook veggies and soups.

Clean up from cooking and eating in the truck can be a bit tricky sometimes. In the beginning we used a lot of paper and plastic disposables. But if you are concerned about waste there are easy work arounds. I kept a small spray bottle of white vinegar to spray all my cooking utensils and appliances with. The acid in the vinegar kills bacteria. It even works great for cleaning floors – which is especially good if you have pets in the truck and don't want their little paws coming in contact with harsh cleaning chemicals.

RoadPro 12 volt oven inside view

The RoadPro 12v oven uses disposable mini bread loaf tins. These found at almost any truck stop, dollar store, big box store, and even online from Amazon.

mini bread tins used in RoadPro portable oven

You can also use the oven bags used for things like roasting turkeys. These oven bags work great in the lunchbox oven, any rice cooker, crock pot, or similar. It cooks meats and veggies in their own juices and makes for easy cleanup as the inside of the cooking appliance stays clean. Any napkins and paper towels used for clean up got tossed in the oven bag then thrown out at the next stop that had a trashcan.

Preparing your own food in the truck doesn't have to hard or complicated. Whether heating up canned goods, cooking from scratch, or heating up single-serve meals frozen in disposable tins, having a 12v Portable Oven and/or grill on the truck makes mealtime easier, healthier, or significantly less expensive than eating fast food and truck stops every day. The saying goes, “the way to someone's heart is through is stomach.” So what better way to show that trucker in your life you love them by giving them gift of home-cooked meals when they are out on the road away from home.

~Sierra Sugar