12 Days of Christmas – Gift Ideas for the Trucker in Your Life

Day 3

A clean truck is not just about aesthetics. Of course every trucker wants their truck to look sharp, free of road grime, smudges, spills, water spots, and snow and ice among other things. But it goes beyond just looking good. A clean truck also means a safer truck free of vision obstructions and and fall hazards.

That's why personal, road, and truck safety items are great gift ideas for the trucker in your life. Today I will be covering three simple items to both improve the visual aesthetics of your trucker's rig as well as helping to keep him or her safer out on the road. Win win!

TrukrStik: At first look you are sure to think, “it is just a squeegee!” True, but not JUST. This is made for over-sized vehicles like that 80,000lb semi truck your loved one drives. Having a clear field of vision out the front windshield, side windows, and even outside mirrors is extremely important for road safety. The TrukrStik features a dual-sided squeegee. The large side is curved to hug and clean the front windshield and those rounded convex mirrors streak free! The smaller side perfectly fits the outside windows and mirrors for one-stroke cleaning and no streaks.


The company even offers customization in color and graphics to give this simple item a personal touch. It is small enough to fit right in the door pocket, making for easy and convenient access for quick removal of water, road salt, and road grime that impairs the field of view.

The customizable TrukrStik

Everblades® are heated windshield wipers that melt and remove snow and ice buildup on the front windshield. Truck Drivers drive in all sorts of weather. It's not always clear skies and sunshine out there, especially during the winter months. Everblades® Heated Windshield Wipers feature a heated squeegee and also a heated frame for improved performance. Help keep your trucker safe with a clear view of the road, free of icy buildup with these heated wipers.

Everblades heated windshield wipers

Minimizer is a small company delivering on big promises. They make quality truck-related items for trucks that both improve aesthetics while providing safety. Today's gift item is their floor mats made of durable plastic featuring ridges and a curved raised edge to contain a variety of spills.

Minimizer heavy duty floor mats

Minimizer's floor mats deliver on the company's reputation of quality, durability, and dependability. Using cutting edge technology, Minimizer's engineers scanned the interior measurements and angles of each specific make and model semi cab to ensure a perfect fit. These floor mats are held in place by a retention hook mounted to the base of the shift stick helps to keep your floor mat in place. So whether it is dirt and mud, melted snow, rain, or that spilled cup of morning coffee, you can rest assured that these floor mats will collect and contain any spills keeping the floor of your trucker's cab free of sticky, smelly stains.

Minimizer durable floor mats

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Have gift ideas for truckers? Leave them in the comments below. After all, tis the season for sharing. Until tomorrow, stay warm, be safe, and continue to enjoy the beautiful holiday season!

~Sierra Sugar