12 Days of Christmas

-gift ideas for the trucker in your life

Of course we all know the holidays are not just about gifts. Most of us probably agree that gifts are the least important part of Christmas. But most also still enjoy the gift giving aspect of our very commercialized Christmas season. And chances are, if you have a trucker in your life, you often wonder what to get them. Sure you know what they like, what their hobbies are, and even places they like to go. But you also know that time and space is limited when you are over the road.

Starting today, each day for 12 days, I will post ideas for gifts that truckers will like, will be helpful to them in their job, and even be fun during their down time. Whether your trucker is new to the road or a seasoned driver, hopefully the following suggestions will give you ideas to keep your trucker happy, healthy, and safe through the holidays and the rest of the year.

Day 1: These items work great as gifts or stocking stuffers.

Terry's Necklaces:

These necklaces are hand crafted from horseshoe nails, jewelry wire, and charms. They are perfect for men and women alike. You can choose from pre-made or put in a custom design order. Your trucker doesn't wear necklaces? Terry also makes custom key chains and mirror hangers.

Fuzzy socks and blankets come in a huge variety of colors and styles, and help keep your trucker warm in the cold weather.

Electric Razors are a great gift idea for the men and lady truckers alike. When you're over the road finding time and spot to stop for a shower can sometimes prove challenging. Having the ability to shave without water helps keep your trucker feeling clean and professional looking without needing a shower, sink, or other water source. Of course be sure to include their favorite aftershave or lotion.

Gift Cards. I know, these are often viewed as the “easy way out” of gift giving. But when you are OTR, gift cards can really be a blessing. You can get them for anything from restaurants to big box stores, and iTunes to pre-paid visas that can be used just about anywhere. These can be helpful for your trucker when they need to get something to eat, shop for essentials when away from home, or have funds for a bit of fun and entertainment on their 34 hour reset. Just make sure if you get a gift card to a specific place, like a store or restaurant, that truck parking can usually be found nearby. For example, a Wal-Mart or Best Buy store often has truck parking. These places are also usually near chain restaurants like Applebees or stores like Game Stop.

What helpful or fun gifts have you given to or received as a trucker in the past? Leave it in the comments below. Check back tomorrow for more gift ideas.

~Sierra Sugar