Acme Oyster House – #tourlife review

As you know, we were in New Orleans recently and a group of us went out for brunch at Cafe' Du Monde. In the pictures from Jackson Square you can see the storm clouds building. Between the encroaching storm and the show schedule, we cut our French Quarter explorations short and headed back to the theatre.

Monument at Jackson Square, New Orleans, Louisiana

Monument at Jackson Square, New Orleans, Louisiana

When attached to a show like this one, our schedule tends to be drive at night, sleep during the day. It's a different city each night. So while the cast and crew sleep in their bunks on the tour buses, the bus drivers, and Allen, who hauls all their props, costumes, lighting, etc... drive through the night to get them there safely on time. After a full belly of coffee and beignets and a little bit of exercise, Allen was ready to sleep. I was too. I cat nap while he's driving, but the bumps in the road don't allow for deep, restful sleep. Besides, I enjoy sleeping next to the man I love.

DJ Ron during morning sound check in New Orleans

Did you know you miss a lot of things when you're sleeping?

We had our alarm set to get up in time to go get oysters from Acme Oyster House. I've been craving them for weeks. When we woke up the entire cast and crew were in overdrive panic mode. Apparently, we slept through a severe thunderstorm. Rainy weather makes for the best sleep. But we were in New Orleans, the French Quarter. Severe storms bring flooding, and boy did it flood!

The entire Quarter was treated to a show stopping flash flood. The streets were rivers in a matter of minutes. The basement of the theatre flooded with several feet of water in a matter of minutes. Water from the streets overflowed the doorway threshholds and spilled onto the stage. Costumes got soaked. People went swimming, by necessity not choice. And all of the electrical equipment had to quickly be packed up to avoid being ruined and people being electrocuted.

And we slept through it all!

By the time we woke up, the rain had stopped. The water was receding. The show was canceled, and then rescheduled for two nights later after the show in San Antonio. We were told the water in the alley where our truck was parked was over half-way up the tires.

Of course I got teased. It's always pick on the short girl day with a crew like we have. They were worried because they couldn't find a life vest for me, and if I got out of the truck during all this I'd drown and be swept away. Trust me, it's on! Bring it! (pun intended)

We stood and watched as the water receded from the streets and alleyways. It was like watching weather time lapse. Once the streets were relatively safe to traverse, Allen and I did go ahead on to Acme Oyster House. With the show canceled and the crew packing everything up, there really wasn't anything for us to do until it was time for him to drive. A fresh seafood meal was just the thing needed for full tummies and energy for the drive to San Antonio.

Now if you want Oysters, THIS is the place to go. We got there about 7:30pm on a Saturday night and there was a bit of line outside. PLEASE NOTE Acme does not take reservations. It is first come first serve. However, the wait wasn't that bad, maybe 30 minutes.

Acme is one of those little hole in the wall type places. A small restaurant in the French Quarter with a big reputation, and after eating there it's easy to see why. The staff is super friendly. It must be a New Orleans thing.

I got the charbroiled oysters on the half shell. Now I knew what I wanted before I even got there, so it is my own fault I didn't read the menu closely. I am used to steamed or baked oysters on the half shell that are plain and come with melted butter and crackers.

That is what I was expecting. Not what I got.

These oysters have melted cheese on them, a romano cheese I believe. Also tons of melted garlic butter, heavy on the minced garlic. I am not complaining! OMG these were DELICIOUS!

Charbroiled Oysters from Acme Oyster House in New Orleans

Be warned though if you have any sensitivity to heat, these have a touch of it. I asked the waitress and there is no pepper or hot sauce, so my guess is it comes from the tons of garlic they use, or maybe from the type of cheese. I have a pretty strong sensitivity to heat, so I felt it, but it may not bother others. I also happen to LOVE garlic, the more the better! These oysters definitely deliver. The melted garlic butter over flows. A dozen of these oysters comes with 6 slices of crusty french bread, great for dipping in the butter.

Allen isn't a huge oyster fan, so he opted for the shrimp po boy, and loved it too! He gave me one of the shrimp to try and you could tell it was fresh. Delicious seasoning and a HUGE pile of shrimp on the french bread made for a delicious and filling sandwich. None of the sandwiches come with a side, you have to order them separately, so we split an order of yummy hush puppies.

This is definitely a place worth visiting again! If you're ever in New Orleans and find yourself in the French Quarter, be sure to stop by Acme Oyster House.

~Sierra Sugar