Both Sides of the Fence

There are many arguments in favor of and against ELDs. Pick one. Pick a card, any card. Depending on who you talk to and on what side of the line they stand you are sure to hear some pretty compelling information to support their beliefs. Some will say it's the Hours of Service that are the problem. Others will cite 4th amendment violations. Some will argue it is a desire to run illegal. While others explain it's a matter of expense versus value.

For me, as a tech geek, I can see the benefit of electronic logs. However, I side with those against the mandate. I see the logic in all arguments for and against. Yet, I lend my voice strongly to the side of opposition. When logic validates all arguments, how then do I choose one “side” over the other? I listen to my own logic.

Truck Driving is a way of life. So to me, while trucking is a profession, a career even, it is not however, a job. No one goes into trucking to punch a time clock. Sure, of course it's a way to earn money and provide for a family. But it's the freedom of the road and promise of adventure that feeds the industry from one generation to the next.

Maybe I romanticize truck driving. The hard working men and women with grit under their nails and a certain stride to their step, driver and truck as all important cogs in the greater wheel of Life in America. They are our John Wayne's of the road. Forget technicolor, their sweat and dirt is immortalized as black and white. Classic. Historic. Raw and real.

Truck drivers bring us life. If you doubt the validity of my last statement then take a look around you. Everything from the clothes you wear, the car you drive, the materials that built your house, the foods you eat, to the medicines you take were brought to you by a truck driver. Drivers sacrifice days, weeks, even months of their life out on the road. Most do so willingly, eagerly, and with a knowledge of and passion for this life that is rarely seen among other professions. You can't compensate that level of love and dedication with a time card. No electronic device can measure it. So stop trying to take something so important and regulate it down to digital input and output. Let truck drivers drive, not punch a timecard.

~Sierra Sugar