On the Road to Summertime

Memorial Day has just passed, a time that much of the country takes as the unofficial beginning of summer. It marks the start of Vacations, camping, and generally a time to get away. Be it for a weekend or longer. Vacationer or truck driver, just remember the road you share is there for the working class too. Bus drivers and truckers will still be working. People will still be going to their regular jobs.

All drivers should stop and think at all times. Rest areas get filled and crowded. Kids and pets run around with out looking. These rest areas are not a means to jump off the interstate then try to get ahead of a car two for some supposed premium parking space. Speeding will kill in parking areas as easily as on the interstate.

Truck stops become more congested with families rushing with little kids for a potty break, stopping at fast food joints for an easy on the go meal, and getting fuel or gas at all hours of the day and night. Be aware of what is gong on around you at all times. Slow down. Get out and look more often, yes even at truck stops. Heck, especially at truck stops!

Safety is not just for the weak of heart. It's something that all of us should practice daily. If you can't, find another job please. We don't need stupid people behind the wheel.

Till we talk again, be safe out there!



 is a 38 year veteran of the road. He started his driving career on a ranch where he learned to drive on a 1969 Long-Nose Pete with twin sticks. From there he joined the military, where he drove various DoD trucks and equipment. After his time in the military, Grumpy returned to civilian life as a long-haul truck driver. He's seen a lot, both the good and the bad. Oh the stories can tell, and does, in his own cantankerous way. Grumpy shares his experiences and out-spoken opinions, in hopes to bring trucking back to its once great status, and he needs your help.

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