F-ing ELDS

What do you say about those F-ing ELDs? TRUCK THAT!

Need a place to vent about those F-ing ELDS and everything that is wrong with trucking? Check out Truck That! It's grand central for voicing what is wrong with trucking. And people like Christian are listening. Your voice at Truck That is taken seriously, even in the midst of the humor laden posts. Christian and his team, take your gripes and suggestions and figure out ways to apply real-world solutions for the every-day truck driver. Whether it is something they can add into the app or a voice against the mega fleet trucking lobbyists, the team at One20 has your back.

One20 F-ELD Module for those F-ing ELDs

And that leads us into the F'ing ELD mandate breathing down our necks. One20 doesn't like it any more than the rest of us. But unless something changes, ELDs are going to happen. Every company and their mother out there are providing ELD solutions that dig deep into the average driver or owner-ops pockets. One20 has a different idea.

Why F-ELD by One20

They have developed their F-ELD to be legally compliant but still made with the driver in mind. The module plugs into your ECM and then you use a 100% free app you can download onto your smartphone or tablet. You pay a one-time $100 fee for the module (discounts will be added when the ELD becomes available). The ELD app is free to use for life. No monthly fees.

One20s F-ELD on your tablet or smartphone

Another unique feature is that as the the driver you have to give permissions on who can view the logs; meaning the company you are working for or leased onto doesn't have automatic rights. You send them your weekly logs, they can't just pull them up and look at it. Further, while the log will track violations as it legally has to, it is difficult for DOT and other officers to find them. They are there, but you have to dig for them, where other ELDs point them out in glaring color.

Allen, as a 30-year veteran driver with multi-million accident-free miles under his belt is against the looming threat of these F-ing ELDs, as are most of us. Hours of Service needs to be addressed too, but that is a beast all unto itself. We both feel ELDs should be optional, not mandatory, as do the folks at One20.

No time card can replace good training and common sense. And that is essentially what ELDs are, a time card. Truck driving is not an office job with bankers hours and regular, predictable office routine. ELDs with their digital clock beeping and screaming at drivers causes them to constantly rush, pushing the limits of their trucks and their safety. Unless OOIDA and the trucking community as a whole can force the government to see the error in mandating ELDs, we all will face making a choice of ELD product come December. This is where, in my humble opinion, the price point, user-friendly interface, and mission behind One20 and their F-ELD shines.

The choice of course is yours, my goal is only to provide valuable information for that decision making process. Being a beta tester for the ELD module, as I know more information rest assured I will pass it along. Until next time, be safe and smart out there drivers.

~Sierra Sugar