A Rare Occasion

It is a rare occasion indeed when I'm not being overly grumpy. But despite my name and grumpy old ways, there are times in life to be... not grumpy. Two years ago come August I met a lady through happenstance. She who keeps me in check was working with our friend Tom “Captain” Kyrk to help promote a healthier trucker’s lifestyle by showing the possibilities of cooking meals in their truck. They needed an emcee to help keep it moving along.

Tom called out to some of his friends for help. Out of all that were there for GATS 2015, up steps this snippet of a lady. The best way I could describe her would be is if someone was to take ball lightning, the force of a Katrina force hurricane, the tenacity of a badger, and the stubbornness of a Missouri mule, then package all that in a less than 5 foot tall female. This is our friend Sierra Sugar.

Sierra Sugar at GATS 2015

Since I've known her and her other half Allen Wilcher, I have to say they are some of the hardest working people I have met. While Allen drives, plays mechanic, and takes charge of lumping freight, Sierra is into so many things.

She helps to manage a singing friend of ours. She runs several blogs and is constantly writing. She's a very creative person that does not know when to relax. That damn pink bunny could learn a thing or two from her when it comes to energy and power. All this on top of having personal medical problems. She shows that whatever she sets her mind to doing will get done.

I write this to thank her for taking a chance on a crusty old grump like me. I've seen the things she has accomplished since our first introduction. I'm happy to call her a friend. Just don't ever get on her bad side. People say dynamite comes in small packages. Just remember that nitroglycerin comes in even smaller containers.

Till we talk again, be safe and check out what Sierra does next.



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