Justice in Freedom Hall

We've only been asking for this for years. This is a trucking show after all. So why not put one of our very own up on the stage. Sure Mid-America Trucking Show is more of an industry trade show rather than an actual truck show, but still, who are the vast majority of patrons to this event but truckers. Years of vocal and written requests were finally answered. Thank you to the Young family for finally listening to the voice of the American truck driver and giving us Justice!

Tony Justice that is.

Tony Justice in Freedom Hall

Live and in living color up on the big stage in Freedom Hall!

If you weren't there, no amount of words can ever describe the energy in that arena. You missed out big time, is all I have to say. Tony hit a home run. Knocked it out of the park. Drove it home. And nailed it to the wall! (Can ya guess I loved the show?)

But in all seriousness folks, this was a no brainer having one of our very own hardworking truck drivers up on stage. Never mind he was the opening act for Thompson Square. Most of us were there for Tony; the truck driver making his dreams come true. The All-American Dream, that if you can dream it you can do it.

Tony Justice in Louisville, KY

From his trucking anthem “Brother's of the Highway” and "We Drive Trucks", to “Haulin' Ass” (one of my personal fun favorites), to his freedom ringing, chill raising, All-American powerhouse original “Stars, Stripes, and White Lines”, it was a show to be remembered.

And the fans went wild!

For the first time in the history of The Mid-American Trucking Show and their free concerts the second level of Freedom Hall had to be opened up for the spectators who turned up in droves to hear one of their own sing in the spotlight. This has never been done before folks! Never.

Way to go, Tony!

Tony Justice Freedom Hall

And it has to be said, apologies to Thompson Square. While your show may have been OK, the crowd was there for Tony. And that crowd of hard-working truck driving men and women cheered for the man we have all come to respect and love. And when his show was over, many of those same truck drivers left Freedom Hall with a happy heart and no desire to stay for “the rest of the show”. From our place on the floor watching the crowds file out of Freedom Hall, I'd venture to guess a good 1/3 of those in original attendance left before the “headliner” took the stage.

Mr. Tony Justice was the true Headliner that night!

Of course, no article on Tony would be complete without also recognizing the hard work and dedication of his beautiful wife Misty Justice. I've watched her during truck show, after truck show, keeping up with Tony's crazy schedule, keeping him packed, corralled, harangued, and high stepping from one commitment to the next. They say behind every successful man is a hard working, loyal, loving woman keeping him in line (and probably rolling her eyes a time or two). That is Misty. You ROCK girl! That standing ovation Friday night was for you too!

~Sierra Sugar