Feet de On'ion a la Flu

When you're sick you'll try almost anything to feel better. After a whole bottle of NyQuil, copious and probably unhealthy amounts of Ibuprofen, Turmeric, Vick's Vapor Rub, vitamin C and Orange Mango juice, and lots of hot tea, this flu bug I picked up during the craziness that was The Mid-America Truck Show was showing no signs of giving up. Every day since the Friday night at MATS when it launched its initial attack during dinner, I have felt worse and worse.

And the coughing! You know that song “Every breath you take. Every move you make...” Well, apparently that is this cough's theme song. This flu bug is a stalker of the worst kind! It made my voice sound like some not-so-comical mix of Smurfette on helium combined with an audio editor who has an itchy trigger finger on the mute button. I was not amused, not amused at all.

So there I was laying in bed dealing with another miserable coughing attack that left me gasping for air and running to the little girl's room to tinkle, when Allen tells me to "use the onion tonight". Everything I've thrown at this bug hasn't worked, so why not? Yesterday was my worst day yet, what could it possibly hurt? After all, onions have sulfides in them that are similar to sulfa antibiotics, I reasoned with myself. I was at the point that I'd try anything to feel better.

And that's how I ended up with thick onion slices in my socks taped to the bottom of my feet. Good news, the dog didn't crowd my feet once all night!

cat with onion socks

I'm not sure if it's a coincidence in timing, or if it actually helped; however, I woke up this morning with probably the worst coughing fit yet. It was a wet productive cough instead of the rattling, I'm just going to annoy the heck out of you cough. I now understand what it means to “hock a loogie”... YUCK! Several of them in fact. More YUCK. The good news is, I feel somewhat better and haven't coughed since that initial disgusting episode.

Still tired and a bit drained, so I leave you with some random pictures from MATS. Hopefully, those will tide you over until I can write up a full review in the next few days. I think I'm going to stuff some more onions in my socks.

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~Sierra Sugar