Cabela's Customer Service is the Cream of the Crop!

Cabela's has truck parking! This is great news for us since we were delivering outside of Dallas, which is one of those notorious places for having few options for truck parking. After our stop of offloading a trailer full of AV equipment we, along with another driver from our company, decided to head over to the Cabela's in Fort Worth, TX. It would give us all a chance to get out of the truck to walk around for a while, day dream of warmer weather activities, and get something to eat. Sure I can cook in the truck, and do most nights. But every once in a while its nice to eat out, and Cabela's is certainly not truck stop food. I always enjoy the buffalo burger.

After a little browsing around we decided to head upstairs to the grill for something to eat. The other driver was looking for something specific and said he's meet us up there in a minute. So we made our way up to the grill, ordered, and sat down. Right as the waitress was bringing our food, our other driver came to sit down... no order ticket. Apparently, the grill closed right after us. And even though he arrived merely a few minutes later, there was no one there to take his order.

Both Allen and I were thinking about splitting our plates with this driver so he could have something hot to eat too. Thanks to Kayla, that wasn't necessary. The driver asked her if there was any way they could make one more burger for him. That he was with us an only missed ordering by two or three minutes. She went back to the kitchen to ask, and didn't return. And didn't return. And didn't return... Allen kept saying “no news is good news.” And he was right. After about 5 minutes she returned with a plate full of hot burger, trimmings, fries, etc... and a cup for him to get a fountain drink – NO CHARGE. She told him she couldn't take his money even if she wanted to because the registers were shut down and tills closed out.

An elephant never forgets, and neither will we ever forget their excellent customer service!

Talk about customer service. Not only does Cabela's provide safe, quite parking for drivers with beautiful landscaping and a pond to walk around, not only do they allow over night parking for truck drivers, but the grill, while maybe having limited hours, certainly knows how to take care of drivers! There are some places that just get customer service right without even trying. Cabela's, at least the one in Fort Worth, TX is one of those places! We usually stop at a Cabela's once every few months or so. Kayla and the staff in the Fort Worth store have ensured that we continue to patron this chain and urge others to do the same.

Beautiful Deer.  I'm just thankful they are here and not jumping out in front of our truck!

When you spend your life over the road relying on customer service for most of your needs, from showers, shopping, truck service, and meals, far too often you see the bad side. You get the servers who are short on personality and long on frustration. It's always a breath of fresh air to find those places and servers who go out of their way to make your day better. Thank you Kayla, and thank you Cabela's!