Butterfly in the Sky

Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high!

Butterflies. Flutterbies. What ever we call them, we all love them. They flit and fly gracefully with delicate wings of exquisite design. Their metamorphasis from grubby little worm to dainty creature of majestic flight reminds us all no matter how hard or ugly our life may be, even the lowliest of souls can transform into something new, something beautiful.

Wings of Prayer is a small (husband and wife) private outreach ministry. Now I am the last person to push religion of any kind in someone's face. However, good is good no matter the form. Carie Partin and her truck-driving husband James, spread love and beauty as they travel across the country in their semi truck. How? With butterflies!

This is my butterfly from Wings of Prayer

Being the wife of a truck driver and full-time riding along partner, Carie has seen first hand how hard road life can be. She wanted to find a way to send a gift of love to drivers to brighten their day. Everyone needs that unexpected boost of inspiration to keep going. Using her talent for crochet she came up with a pattern for tiny little butterflies, which she makes in all variety of color.

“When the world says 'give up.' Hope whispers, 'try it one more time.'"

Throughout my life, all the ups and downs, my personal mantra has been "Tomorrow is Another Day."  I can't count the number of times I've been told the Japanese Proverb, "Fall seven times, stand up eight."  So to get a butterfly with this message could not have been more perfect.  It is a reminder to never give up, never give in.  No matter what life throws at me, to keep on keeping on.

Each butterfly is prayed over, anointed with oil, and a small hand-written scripture attached before being placed in a water-proof zip-lock bag.

These are like the fortune cookies of butterflies!

As her and James travel each day, which ever direction they happen to be heading, each rest area, truck stop, or pull off, Carie carefully places a butterfly. Here it hangs from a low tree branch. There it is perched on a rock formation. Another placed just near the picnic benches. Each is hidden in plain sight, easy to be found if one only opens their eyes to the beauty of nature.

Carie hopes each butterfly will be seen as a gift to its finder. A gift with nothing expected in return. Their sole purpose to is bring a smile to someone's day who might have needed it. So keep your eyes open for your very own butterfly sighting.

Each butterfly comes inside a small plastic zip-lock bag to protect it from the weather.

If you have had a butterfly sighting, go drop a message to Wings of Prayer on Facebook, and let Carie and James know which one you found. Happy flutterby hunting.

~Sierra Sugar