Trucking Dystopia - A Government Controlled Future

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You have just finished working a 10 hour day, not unusual for many people, even those that work in an office. After work you have to deal with rush hour traffic, stop by the store, and pick up your child from daycare, band or sports practice, or a friend's house.

Suddenly, somewhere on the road stuck in traffic due to an accident you hear an alarm going off. You've been "working" for 14 hours today. Your time started the second you rolled out of bed in the morning and kept ticking all day. You're 7 miles from your child's daycare but you're out of hours, out of time.

The clock and the law says you have to "stop working" NOW or risk being fined, or worse fired and subsequently evicted from your home. You have to stop on the side of the road or a parking lot to sleep. No restrooms. No shower. No food. And no way to see your kid that night. Sound far fetched like something out of a dystopic novel like Fahrenheit 451? Maybe. But this is the reality truck drivers are facing this December with the implementation of mandatory electronic logs in their trucks.

The ELDs manage their every moment, waking or sleeping, 24 hours a day. They have to make that choice to drive that 7 more miles to get to a safe place to park, see their family for the first time in months, or stop because an electronic clock demands they do so. Forget common sense. Forget health. Stop or be fined, fired, or even jailed. If they are fired they must evacuate their truck... Essentially be evicted from their home. And yes, because this is a FEDERAL mandate, if a driver goes over the parameters of their clock it can be considered a Federal Offense and subsequently be jailed for it.

Because these ELDs are connected directly to their ECM, their every movement is monitored like a prisoner with an ankle bracelet. How fast or slow they are moving, where they are every second of the day, if they are stopped and where. It even monitors temperature, rpms, idle, fuel, anything electronic. So big brother knows, is literally watching, every facet of their daily life from work through rest.

Doesn't sound pleasant does it? Imagine your entire life dictated by a time clock telling you when to sleep, even if you aren't tired. When to work, even if there is no work to be done at that moment, when to eat, and when you can see friends and family. Forget making time for them, the clock will do that for you. 10 miles away? So sorry, the clock says you're out of time. Maybe another day. But today no time to see your child's first baseball game ever. No time to make it to the hospital to visit your sick spouse. No time to make it home to sleep in a comfortable bed.

Would you want to live your life this way? Well, neither do truck drivers. Help up stop this mandate. Help us get it repealed. Let your state and local representatives know this is over reach, a violation of privacy, and in no way promotes safety. Join us, The American Truck Driver in this fight for our rights.

~Sierra Sugar ©07/10/2017

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