Chix-N-Wings a Restaurant Review

Chix-N-Wings - a Restaurant Review

Sitting in Jackson, Georgia waiting to pick up a load we discovered a new little gem of a restaurant. Located at exit 201 off of I-75, Chix-N-Wings is situated next to the Love's and across the street from the Blue Beacon and the TA and Wilco truck stops. The entire area is like a little trucker community. In addition to parking at three truck stops, exit 201 also features a chrome shop, vinyl shop, barber shop, CB shop, two truck washes, polishing shop, and is also home to Truckstop Ministries. Nestled in the middle of all this is a brand new little wing place called, Chix-N-Wings.

As we approached this trucker oasis from I-75 we were greeted by one of the waitresses from Chix-N-Wings announcing their hours and location over the CB radio. She was pleasantly friendly with the drivers and joked with Allen on the CB, all while keeping it professional and clean. The easiest way to get to them is to park in either the Love's or TA parking lots and walk, as the little building is situated between the two places. It's a small, unassuming wooden building.

Inside you'll find a few tables and chairs and a bar. The kitchen is separated by a pass-through window below the only large-screen TV in the place. To be honest, it doesn't look like much from the outside or the inside with it's sparse furnishings and d├ęcor; however this place is anything but underrated!

Chix-n-Wings an inside view

The waitresses, and even the cook greeted us as we walked in the door. There were a few truckers sitting at tables and up at the small bar drinking and joking with the waitresses. It's wasn't a loud place, but not quiet either. It was... comfortable. On the chalkboard menu we saw they served canned sodas, bottled water, and bottled/canned beer. No fountain/tap. Their menu is limited, but what they do serve is delicious!

The food. First, of course by their name wings are their specialty. They serve bone-in chicken wings in a variety of flavors from naked, mild to hot, bbq, honey, and garlic parmigiana to name a few. They also serve a fried foot-long hot dog, burgers, and fries. The wings come in quantities of 6, 10, 20, and up. Everything is cooked fresh to order and arrives at the table fresh and hot. Drinks are nicely chilled and refreshingly cold.

Chix-n-Wings Menu

The entire place had a homey, comfortable feel that was relaxing after a long day on the road. We were there for a 34 and ate inside the first night. The next afternoon I was busy in the truck when Allen got hungry, so he went in to order some thing to bring back to the truck for us. Both the waitress from the night before and the cook remembered our names and asked him about me, by name and asked how I was doing. Talk about customer service!

If you happen to be passing through Jackson, Georgia and need a place to stop for the night or for a 34, this is a quiet, safe little place to spend your down time. If you stop there make sure to tell them Sierra and Allen said hello. And if you get their wings, do be sure to try the Garlic Parmigiana! I am picky about my wings and usually stick with just bone-in, naked, with mild sauce on the side. Allen tried the Garlic Parmigiana the first night, and I ended up stealing half of his they were that good! Trust me, no matter what you get there, you won't be disappointed!

These are the places we as truckers need to support. We have enough Iron Skillets and fast food out there on the road. When you come across a wonderful restaurant like this that caters specifically to truckers and offers a different fare than the big-box restaurants we need to show them we appreciate their efforts by patroning their place.

~sierra sugar