Pieces of Me

*“Are you sure we're not sisters?”

“Oh hunny, we're more than sisters, we're twins!”*

That is the summary of an hour-long conversation briefly catching up on the past 20 years. What is it about me and 20 years? First Allen, and now my best friend from high school, who I will call MJ. (No we're not in a Spider Man novel.) But seriously, it COULD be a novel.

In high school we were the best of friends. She was the only one I felt who understood me. She is the one who literally saved my life. Even after high school she was the only one I kept in touch with, that is until life and relationships got in the way. This was long before Facebook and the explosion of the internet. Sure there was email back then, but that's when AOL was big and getting online was through dial up only. Heck, there wasn't even 56kbs yet! Not everyone had a computer. Not everyone had cellphones either. So we each ended up losing track of each other for 20 years!

Yet it was funny to talk and realize how much of our lives paralleled each others, and how many things we still have in common. It really was like two twins growing up apart, finding each other, and realizing their lives and interests have been the same. Talking about our experiences, likes, and dislikes was akin to looking into a mirror.

If you've ever lost someone who is supposed to be part of your life you understand the hole their absence leaves behind. Oh, but finding them again is one of the greatest joys to ever experience. I certainly don't wish the loss upon anyone, but I wish you all could feel the sheer excitement and happiness of finding someone that special again. I've been doubly blessed to have two of these pieces of me return to my life.

~ sierra sugar