Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, TX

Cadillac Ranch

It’s been quite a while since my last update. I’ve been off the road for a few months and we’ve had a few big changes too. Now we're back on the road, in a different truck, with a new company, and able to go out west again.

Speaking of out west, I finally got to see Cadillac Ranch. We've drove by it several times but never had the time to stop, or if we did have the time the weather was not favorable. Today, everything worked out perfectly.

Cadillac Ranch is a bit of classic Americana. Straight out of Hollywood hayday of big hair, big cars, and the California dream, Route 66 was the Mother Road to the land of opportunity. Along the way were a myriad of usual sights for the wide-eyed travelers to stop to see and hopefully spend some money. Cadillac Ranch was just such an unusual sight.

Ten Cadillacs buried halfway into the ground, nose first with their distinctive fins rising into the sky one after the other. It is said the all lean at the exact same angle as the pyramid of Giza. It was created simply to be something to baffle passersby and the locals at the time. Yet, over the years has become an iconic piece of American highway history and art.

Located just west of Amarillo, Texas on Interstate, old Route 66, you can take exit 62 if you are heading west, or exit 60 of you are heading east to the access road. Parking is on the eastbound access road. There is room for semi trucks to park depending on how crowded the ranch is with visitors at the time. They also allow dogs inside the fenced area right up to the Cadillacs. Our little Missy had a blast running around sniffing! Of course we kept her on her leash the entire time. Graffiti is highly encouraged, so come prepared with spray paint or sharpies if you are creative and wish to leave your mark.

Cadillac Ranch is inside open field. The winds at times can get quite chilly even on a sunny day. The field itself can be, um, quite odiferous as there are cattle near by. Also, if it has recently rained the field will be muddy.

~Sierra Sugar

Allen and I, a selfie at Cadillac Ranch.