Sunset at Crab Island, Destin, Florida

Are We There Yet?

“We're moving! I can feel the warm breeze. We're moving and its warm! We're going to the water! OH MY GOD! I've missed the water. I wish I could see! Is it sunny out? Which way did they they turn? Can you see the water yet? Can you smmmeeellllll it? Snnnnniiiiiiiiiiffffffffff

“Would you calm down over there. An old man is trying to relax over here.”

“Relax? You've been relaxing all winter! Don't you miss the water? Oh the cool, crisp water! The days when its smooth and I can race as fast as I can over the refreshing water?”

“That's the problem with you young ones today. Its all about the speed. Go fast. Big splash. Make waves. I've even seen some of those little water rats purposely spray people; so disrespectful! No appreciation for the beauty of the water; what it means to just float along.”

“Blah! Blah! Blah! Float... BORING! Pft, you old boats are just jealous you don't have the MOVES! sings Cause I got moves like Jagger.”

“If you want to call those spastic gyrations moves. Just because you are a Seadoo doesn't mean everyone needs to SEE what you DO. You speed around, back and forth, spinning in circles like a dog chasing it's tail. Just showing off! You look like a donkey out there with people riding on your back! Why, all DIGNIFIED water vessels know that to really hold any water the noble thing to do is carry people, protect them from the water without disturbing the water around you.”

“Oh hush, you old boat! Floating is SO BORING! Action is where its at. Water Action! Anyone can just glide along the top of the water on a calm day. But it takes a real water aficionado to part it in your wake. Oh, and what a wake I can make. HEY! That rhymes!”

~Sierra Sugar

East Pass, Destin, Florida - View from the Destin Bridge

“Afici... Aficionado! Do you even know what that means?”

“Who cares! I can SMELL the water. WATER! Oh joyous, fun, water. I wish I could see. Can you see? Why do I have to be the one covered? YOU don't care if you can see the water! But can you? Please tell me. Where's the water? Are we there yet?

Our boat a few summers ago at Crab Island, Destin, Florida

Aerial view of Crab Island in Destin, Florida.