It was an innocent visit really, no need for the senseless attack.  I was just sitting there minding my own business as it were, when out of no where *BAM* or rather *SPLASH* all over my back were streaks of icy cold water. Startled, I jumped to my feet.  Nearly toppling over as I spun around in the small confining space, I both cursed and thanked those close walls as my forgotten pants fell to my ankles. With my now soaked back pinned against the locked stall door I watched in horror as the possessed icy water continued to spiral upwards out of this South Dakota rest area Ladies Restroom toilet and attack the walls as it once attacked me.  Then all went silent.  As quickly as it started it stopped.  The water stilled.  I pulled my pants up and rushed outside where he was waiting for me like always. 

Yes, he helped me clean up.  

No he still hasn't stopped laughing.

[This was experienced and written back in April.  Yes, I had a good laugh at myself, you can too!  Ladies, just be forewarned.  If you're traveling through South Dakota and stop to use a rest area facility at night, the ghosts are pranksters!]

~Sierra Sugar