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Seventy three inches. That is the total length of our new "home."

Along with new living space I am also learning a whole new language and lifestyle. Being on the road is a culture unto itself. Lifestyle changes, storage challenges for small living, CB radio lingo, trucker jargon, and more are all part of this modern-day gypsy lifestyle. I have only been on the truck a few days and I have learned to differentiate between different truck models and styles even from a distance, the names of different truck parts, and experienced a few of the woes of being mobile. Overall it has been a good, if somewhat slow start.

We've been stuck in Atlanta for a couple days. While being parked in a truck stop over the weekend isnt terribly exciting, its given he and I a chance to talk about plans, places, dreams, and adjust to being in such close confines and around each other essentially 24/7. I am happy to say all is well in that department, great even.

Seventy three inches isn't a whole lot of space, and I was worried I packed too much. However, I got most of our belongings all put away and surprised there is still room for more. Even the twin mattress feels comfy and roomy with the both of us on it. For now we just have sheets and a sleeping bag until I find a comforter set I like. When we first started talking about doing this I teased him about putting kitty paw prints all over his truck. Guess what? He decorated the truck with little kitty cat paw prints decals for me!

We are in Atlanta for a few more hours then we begin a trek across country to Denver and then Salt Lake City. He's already trying to plan a route that will take us by some huge sunflower fields for me to see. Regardless of which way we go, I am just excited to finally be able to see more of the country and have a great partner to experience it all with me.

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