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A little bit of sugar

Reposting this from a recent Surf Watch entry, check out the full article Here. One little, very little, kitty DJ was spotted doing a unique spin on the decks.

And just when you thought it was safe to go back in the waters...

Basic Math not so basic

20 designs, 18 boards.... HOW did that happen. I have the demos of the 2 missing designs as I showed them to friends and Sebastian told me to take one of each design to test and keep. Yet when the boards were delivered there were only 18. Now I have to wait until the next go round of board production, when ever THAT may be, to get the last 2 designs out for sales. And go figure, one of the designs was a remake from the original board line converted to fit onto sculptie, and it was one of the best selling designs.


This shop is going to be the cause of my insanity.

Oh well.

The Tool....

...has registered to surf. I also found out a sweet friend that I've known through the surfing community and who actually lives close by in RL married him in game. *shakes her head sadly*. I don't know whether to feel sorry for her or mad at him. Any one that is ever associated with him is ruined by reputation alone. *sighs* Oh well, there is not much I can do except keep my fingers crossed she doesn't get hurt too badly. And as far as the surfing competition at Monkeh Barrel, well, it should be interesting.

Ok, on to less negative things.

Being a part of the SLSA board of directors this season is very stressful. I know its something Thor wanted to do, but I don't think we ever truly anticipated the sport to grow to the size that it is now. There are so many changes that need to be made to accommodate the sheer number of people interested in competing. I honestly don't see that happening yet this season. Maybe, this season if enough people step up to help us we can lay the foundation for these changes and implement them by the start of next season. Already we have Ritch wanting to step up as a Director or Advisor. He is great at organizing, passionate, and has some really wonderful ideas. With Craig and Rani stepping down at the end of their term it'll be good having someone like Ritch to fill the vacancy. But for now we just work on getting the competition up at Monkeh Barrel, an Epic competition.

Monkeh Barrel is right across from my home on Heliopolis and also adjoining the Ambrosia sim which is where the new Misfit Surf Shop will be located. Hopefully, I can get the new shop up and built before the competition starts. Sebastian has been a tremendous help with finding blueprints for me and sending me an ungodly amount of textures to use. He still intimidates me some, The Mighty Sebastian, but little by little I'm learning that He can be a good friend. He's super smart and creative and is a good listener. Still has an imposing presence about Him, but all in all He's one of the nice ones. Remind me to thank Aries for telling me how silly I was to be scared of Him. Its what prompted me to open my mouth and want to be friends with Him (Sebastian).

So, enough rambling for now. More on Monkeh Barrel another day.