Boost the Snot out of you Cell Signal with weBoost!

Connectivity can be a wonderful thing, especially for the truck driver or traveler. Being just a phone call away has never been easier with today's powerful cell phones. You have voice, video, and media all in the palm of your hand. But in today's world of connectivity there is one part that is not so wonderful – the frequent dropped calls.

Hello? Hello? Hello? Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me.

If you are like me, nothing is more frustrating than when you are trying to stay in touch with loved ones, or conduct business over the phone and having the call drop as you move from one cell tower to the next. How many times do you call back before giving up? What about those nights of trying to watch Netflix or surf through social media to pass the hours and the signal is too weak to stay connected to data?

Rain falls, angry on a tin roof...

As beautiful as the sound of rain on a tin roof can be, we all know that lovely tin roof wreaks havoc on a cell signal! What is the sleeper of a truck really? Or the walls of an RV? Well, it is nothing more than a big tin box. Can you hear me now? Nope, didn't think so. But with a weBoost system installed in your truck, RV, or home, as long as there is a trace of a signal, even the weakest signal will get boosted.

weBoost will boost the snot out of your signal!

I'm serious. If there is a signal to be found at all, weBoost will amplify that signal up to 32x's its current strength. An amplified signal means less dropped calls and fewer nights of frustration from that weak data signal. weBoost means I'm able to not pull my hair out while I'm falling down a rabbit hole... I mean trying to research for my next article. weBoost calms the nervous tics from interrupted connectivity. You have those too, right? -twitch- right?

In all seriousness, this one little item can save you so much frustration. weBoost provides the highest amplification power the FCC will allow. It works with all mobile devices and all carriers simultaneously. It uses the same coax as a regular CB or radio. weBoost is American owned. American designed and assembled in the USA, has been in business for 30 years. Their product line ranges from the single handheld cell phone booster, to a single unit that boost all your electronics simultaneously, and even low-profile systems for your RV and/or home. Whichever system you choose, installation is quick and easy.

If you have a cell phone, this should be a compulsory auxiliary item to have on hand to boost the snot out of your signal. What an easy step to take to improve your reception and decrease your technology frustration. With the weBoost 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee and 2-year manufacturer's warranty the choice is pretty simple.

~Sierra Sugar