GoodRx Prescription Savings App

Winter is coming. No I'm not talking about "Game of Thrones". I mean its getting to be the season for flu, colds, and other yucky stuff that often requires prescription medication to get you feeling better. Of course, many of Americans are without medical insurance or are under-insured. This is definitely true for the American trucker. When you take into account the fact that doctor's visits aren't exactly cheep, then add in the rising cost of even basic prescriptions, it all creates a huge problem financially for so many people.

Well, here is a little app that can provide some financial relief. It's called “Good RX”, and I've been using it for years. You can find the app on the Google Play Store, or on the Apple App store. Not only is it available for both Android and iOS, I haven't found a pharmacy yet that doesn't accept its quoted prescription discounts. GoodRx is accepted at Wal-Mart, Sam's, Costco, Public, CVS, Walgreen's, even small local pharmacies accept the discount codes.

GoodRx is not medical or prescription insurance. It is a prescription discount program that is free to use for everyone. If you don't have insurance you need to use this app! It offers, in many cases, significant discounts on prescriptions, without the need for registration or annual fees. There are no catches, no spam emails, no jumping through hoops. Just download and install the app on your phone. When you go to fill your prescription at any pharmacy look up the medication on the app, find your pharmacy in the list, click on the discount coupon, and show it to the pharmacy tech to enter the code in the computer to get the best discounted price possible. That's it.

Here's a few examples of common medications.

Lisinopril (for high blood pressure) without insurance is approximately: $51.00 - $72.00
20mg tablets, 30 pills using Good RX at:
Wal-Mart is $4.00
Walgreen's is $5.00
Healthcare Warehouse (online mail order) $3.60

Zythromax (aka Z-Pack) without insurance: approximately $61.00
1 z-pack 250mg using Good RX
Wal-Mart $13.33
HEB $9.75
Walgreen's $11.09

Cymbalta without insurance: approximately $260.00 - $270.00
60mg 30 pills using Good RX at:
Walmart $21.44
CVS $24.83
PillPack (online mail order) $24.51

Cipro (antibiotic) without insurance: approximately $91.00 - $313.00
500mg 20 pills using Good RX
Wal-Mart $4.00
Walgreen's $5.00
CVS $17.66

Metformin (for diabetes) without insurance: approximately $100.00 - $250.00
500mg 60 pills
PillPakc $9.82
Generic coupon for any pharmacy $10.44

If you are not using this app, download it now and keep it handy for all your prescription medications. Trust me, it will save you lots of money.

~Sierra Sugar