Pzizz Sleep App

There are nights out here on the road when after all the sights we've seen and miles we've traveled my brain just won't shut off enough to allow me to sleep. Sometimes it feels like the truck is still moving. Other times I get a song stuck in my head from listening to the radio during the day. Do any of you ever have this problem? You are so tired and ready for bed, but when you lay down sleep is just not happening!

Every. Single. Night!

In my quest for better sleep, I discovered an app that helps me most nights when I have trouble falling asleep. Pzizz is a guided sleep/meditation app that is unlike any other sleep or relaxation-style app I've tried... and I've tried quite a few. It offers a timed nap option and a sleep option. Also included is an alarm function for waking up after you sleep. You can adjust the volume of the voice and music/sounds independently of each other. Also, you can set how long you want to nap and how long you want the app to run while you fall asleep.

With my headphones plugged into my phone, I start this app, lay back on my pillows, and let the the gentle voice of the narrator interrupt my racing thoughts, stop the ear worms from racing around in my head, and in general just relax finally falling asleep. The narrator's voice is gentlema from, I am pretty sure, New Zealand. He actually sounds almost exactly like Dr. Joel Goren from “Saving Hope”, who was also Elijah from The Originals/The Vampire Diaries. In the next update the app dev will be adding a female narrator, as well several other features, for those that prefer hearing a female.

The narrator speaks calmly, slowly, and in a mellow tone. It is unobtrusive but at the same time able to interrupt your racing thoughts. He gives you suggestions of when to breath, how to relax, many general positive reinforcements and motivational statements. His candor is melodic and rhythmic with strategically placed pauses and quiet.

Behind his voice are a variety of sounds and music. Again, you can adjust the voice and sounds volumes independently. The sounds include deep gongs, birds, chimes, wind, water, and mixed in with different musical segments. The music is organic, not a song, nothing that would cause your mind to go “oh that's catchy” and get stuck in a rhythm. Much of it is thirds, and it slides, twists, and fades into the next segment. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole. It's neither bright nor dark, but somewhere in between.

I like the changing sounds and slides from one key in thirds to the next. It keeps my mind from jumping on a tangent and running away with it. It allows me to clear my head, stop the noise, and relax enough to fall asleep.

The best part about this app? It's 100% completely free. There are no ads, nothing to pay, just a simple and straight-forward sleeping app. Look it up on the Play Store and give it a try.

Ni night and sleep sweet!

~Sierra Sugar